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your nonprofit operation to the next level.

Flourish CRM Standard

Flourish CRM Standard Subscription Plan

This includes:

  • 2 Way Text & Email Conversation

  • Google My Business Messaging

  • Web Chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Facebook Messanger

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Text to Donate

Flourish CRM Premium

Flourish CRM Premium Subscription Plan

This includes:

  • Everything in Standard CRM+

  • Websites

  • Workflows

  • Email Marketing

  • Calendars

  • Social Media Planner

  • Surveys

  • Create Online Courses

  • Landing Pages

Flourish CRM + Latent

Latent App Campaign + Premium Subscription Plan *onboarding fees apply

This includes:

  • Everything in Premium CRM+

  • Campaign Readiness Process

  • Customized Campaign

  • Guidance on Recruiting a Team

  • Host Live Discovery Meetings

  • Coaching Checkins

  • Report on Campaign

  • Use of Latent App

A single pricing plan

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